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Thursday, August 26, 2010


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Naomi Niles

And it's a great photo too!

Cindy G

Beautiful - Anastacia! Congratulations!


I'm that girl, too. In all of the family pictures -- birthdays, Christmas, etc. -- you'll notice one person is always missing...me. I conveniently am always the one taking the picture. For some reason, I have never found true comfort in my own skin; and, the camera only seems to reveal that even more. I'd hoped hitting 40 what evoke some hidden inner confidence...not yet...maybe 41 will be the turning point. Your photo is beautiful. Your inner beauty shines through.


So does this mean you hate it when I take our pictures? We don't have to do them at Homecoming if you don't like it...But you always look beautiful in them!


Rach...that's different. You're pointing at us...it's not just being pointed at me!

Ann... I feel ya. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Naomi and Cindy--thank you so!

Terry Green

It really IS a beautiful photo Anastacia. You look fabulous. I'm not thrilled to get my photo taken ... by myself or with a group. My biggest problem with getting photos taken is that I've never been one to take very good photos; and what always makes it worse, is that those "not so good photos" look just like me. I look sooo much better in my head ... why can't the camera capture that "me"!

Susan Sullivan

You are beautiful - inside and out! Lovely photo of you!

Kathy Allen

You are God's child, beautiful and unique. He doesn't make mistakes!

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