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Thursday, May 29, 2008


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I don't think it's being "dumbassed" in as much as it's we don't observe ourselves as much as we do others. For years I thought my eyes were brown and it wasn't til I moved to VA and was doing my makeup and I took a good look at my eyes to see they were hazel (more brownish green). Shortly after that I had gone home and noticed my younger brother's eyes were just like mine. I think there are just certain things we over look because we are too focused on other things?


There isn't an ounce of "dumbassiosity" about you AND you have amazingly beautiful blue eyes!! :)


Janey--You may be right about that!

~n~...You're a bit biased. I love you, too! :)


Geepers, creepers, where did you get them peepers? Geepers, creepers, where did you get them EYES! Truly Electric Blue!! Made all the better when they smile....

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