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Sunday, May 25, 2008


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I understand what you mean. I actually find that my procurement problem is with buying on the internet - and of course, often when I do purchase, I find that it's not quite what I had hoped for. But it's always a thrill to buy. eeek!

olga hermly

Our human ancestors were hunters and gatherers. The men were the hunters and the women were the gatherers. You are just doing what comes genetically.


One of the things I am learning as I age is that owning possessions stops being fun when the possessions own us. When the getting, having, and disposing of things consume our time, energy, and resources then the lesson begging to be learned is how to simplify.
And while I'll agree that sometimes the procurement is joy enough, I also challenge you to look more deeply and be sure that what follows the procurement is how you want to allocate your time and energy and thoughts. If the answer is yes, then go for it! Fill your souls' deepest needs and procure away. But if the answer is no, then search to find what your souls' longing is, and feed that.
As for me, I keep trying to divest U/us of belongings which no longer serve our needs, and frankly, I grow weary of the trip to Goodwill.


Sometimes we spend when we're trying to "fill the void".
Sometimes it's food, sometime's it's drink, or drug, sometimes it's relationships and yes, sometimes it's spending. If you think (and you used the word yourself) that it's "dangerous" for you to be in a store...
Then you may want to look at THAT, not the purchase or purchasing of stuff.
Just my 2 cents.



All (ok, most) women find some sort of shopping "dangerous." For some it's shoe shopping. For others, clothes shopping. We're all whores for some sort of material goods. For me, it's books.

Is it genuinely "dangerous?" Not in the least. It's just uber enticing. :)

Tapestry and Olga, thank you for your thoughts!
Maryam--omgosh, it's good to see you here! Thank you for stopping by. I can only imagine how much fun procuring must be in Marrakesh!

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