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Friday, May 16, 2008


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Laura Jo Richins

I'm glad you're back. What a beautiful post. After such a dysfunctional childhood, I compliment you on the changes you have made in your life, the paths you have chosen that have brought you to a point where you have attracted so many wonderful people into you life. So many people that love you and want to understand you, and do, surround you. Honestly, isn’t that what every child should feel and take with them into adulthood? I’m so glad you’re experiencing it now. Thanks for sharing. xoxox



LJ, thank you so much for this. I wasn't conscious of the fact that I'm living, now, the things that I should have been living then. What a wonderful thought! So many broken children never get to, I'd imagine, even as adults.

Another wonderful thing to be infinitely grateful for. Thanks again for illuminating it for me.


Sandra Trca-Black

So glad you're back (not that I wanted to pressure you...)! :)

So true that your friends are not "most people." Which makes perfect sense, you being you.


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